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Product Manager

Job description

About us

We solve real-world problems. Like how do you build a business ordering system that is so easy to use that it does not need a user manual and yet still observes the complex world of commercial interchange? Or like how do you leverage data so that the business user is delighted when consulting our application? From their mobile phone?

We solve these problems by thinking from first principles and by building from the ground up.

We then run these products in a scalable environment for our customers, and the customers of our customers.

We currently serve the leading brands in the Sports and Fashion Industry - Puma, ECCO, Brooks Running, Bestseller and, as such, we need solid Product Managers to augment our existing team.  

How will you spend your days ?

In Neocles the product manager is a mini-CEO, acting within the scope of the product for which he or she is responsible. You will perform several roles (innovator, manager, budget holder, marketing etc..) using a broad knowledge base to make trade-off decisions. They bring together cross-functional teams, ensuring alignment between diverse functions such as dev/ops, development, design, finance, marketing and sales.

Your mission is to manage a product piece so that the customer thinks it is genius and the bottom line reflects that genius.

A few of the task you’d either own or contribute towards :

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Envision a clear strategic product goal

  • Manage the product backlog

  • Engage with and manage stakeholders

  • Recruit the members of your team

  • Write simple user stories and requirements

  • Deliver world-class product (not excuses)

  • Use data to inform your decisions

  • Plan weekly and monthly feature releases

  • Communicate upcoming value to the customers


How to stand out from the rest ?

  • You are familiar with the project development lifecycle and typical issues associated with the implementation of IT projects.

  • Knowledge of project management tools and techniques.

  • You have experience with project and/or change management on technology based projects and/or programmes.

  • Customer empathy is vital, you are able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and to really empathize with their challenges and understand and value what it is they are trying to accomplish.

  • You understand true accountability and you can take responsibility for shortcomings and redirect praise to members of your team.  

  • You are 100% focused.  It’s very easy to get distracted from the goal you set out to accomplish, and even easier to expand the scope of your initial goal.  

  • Your communication skills and excellent and you are able to communicate effectively with a broad spectrum of people.  

  • Critical thinking – whether it’s fully understanding the customer or business problem that’s at hand, trying to sort through multiple options of how to approach an issue, or identifying which opportunity to pursue, good product managers are able to gather relevant data and information and make informed decisions quickly.

  • Demonstrable systematic, analytical approach to problem solving.  You are able to break down complex requirements or projects into more manageable units of work.

  • You will have good interpersonal skills and is confident in dealing with clients/users. managers, sponsors and other stakeholders.


  • You can meet the above expectations

  • You are educated to degree level

  • You can think, speak and write clearly and accurately

  • You have experience shipping high quality digital products

  • You have a demonstrable understanding of how the internet works, both at a micro and macro level

What perks can you expect ?

  • Kitchen stocked with a variety of healthy and interesting treats

  • Breakfast and freshly prepared lunch provided

  • A Beer fridge, which is never empty!

  • Great coffee

  • Amsterdam central office location

  • Interesting projects, working with some of the world's top global fashion brands.

If you want to help transform an entire industry and have the values, abilities and skills required to do so, we would love to hear from you.